Pamela Clayfield

Because Everyone has a story to tell...

Author, Writing Instructor & Photographer

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SnuggleReads Gift Packs

You've seen them all over your social media feed.

Now they're coming to you with my books!

If you wish a friend or family member could read one of my books then why not give them a gift pack?

Comes with a fleece blanket, a mug, some hot chocolate, a bookmark & one of my novels (your choice).

If you want to include a nice notecard it will be included.

$35 includes one novel

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I need pre-orders so I can order enough copies of books and other supplies.

Contact me regarding any additional costs.

Coming Soon

I'm working on PART THREE of my Mysteries of the Past series...

David and Rebecca are back in this third story that takes place a few years later with a new mystery... an engagement ring found in the floorboards of an old house. Inside is a note with only first names and it sounds like something bad may have happened.

Rebecca starts looking into it deeper to uncover where it came from and finds herself, once again, in danger as she gets closer to the truth.

Pamela's Titles

To Love Again

At Sunset

Til We Meet Again

Let the Dream Begin

The Journey Home

Mystery in the Attic

The Writing on the Wall

Her first YA/New Adult novel--Changes in Time

The Trinket Box

Confessions in the Mural

Haven of Secrets

Her first published novella--Christmas of Wonder